Large Animal


We provide a wide array of herd health services for our clients. These include disease control programs to reduce mastitis and other problems. We maintain vaccination programs on a year-round basis for client herds. We also offer regular and timely parasite control programs.

During regular herd health visits, we discuss any health or production issues. We offer pregnancy diagnosis starting as early as day 28 post-breeding. We also examine and treat cows that are not breeding well. Our veterinarians offer the latest in reproductive management. We can develop a program that best suits your farm.


We offer disease and parasite control programs for client herds. We also offer breeding program advice and pregnancy diagnosis.


Our clinic offers preventative care including vaccinations, parasite control and dental care. Regular dental care helps horses to better use their feed. They also handle a bit more comfortably. We recommend yearly dental examinations and necessary dental care for all horses. We can perform wolf teeth extractions under analgesics and sedation. We can also file or float teeth of horses as needed.

Regular worming is also very beneficial to horses. We use different worm control medicines at different times of the year. Tapeworms and Bots are important to control in the late fall and early winter after the first frost. Strongyles and Ascarids are a problem throughout the year. We can perform laboratory testing on manure samples to detect parasites. Please feel free to call about parasites or any other health related problem.



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    215 Scoble Townline Rd.

    Neebing, Ontario, P7L 0C2

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Monday8:00am – 5:00pm
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After regular hours, emergency care can be obtained by contacting the veterinarian on call at 475-3837.